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For months now a debate has been raging in economic circles about the long-term unemployed. One group argues that the current unemployment rate, currently at 6.7 percent, is unrepresentative of the labor market because it doesn’t.

More than four million people have been unemployed for 27 weeks or longer, putting them in the category of the long-term unemployed, and they make up nearly 40 percent of all people who are out of work but seeking a new job. Why.

The Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany’s largest non-profit foundation, published the findings of a study on Friday that showed the number of long-term unemployed people declining by 11 percent in the EU over the year between the.

Annie Lowrey and I have an article in Friday’s paper about the gigantic, overlooked underclass of long-term unemployed workers, whose safety net has now frayed bare and whose troubles are probably holding back the overall jobs picture.

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Recession The percentage of those who have been unemployed for 27 weeks or longer rose to about 45 percent multiple times in 2010 and 2011. The percentage of long-term unemployed is now at 37.3 percent of the total unemployed.

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Only one in 10 long-term people who have been unemployed for six months or more are hired every year, according to a Princeton study that affirms the bleak outlook for many long-term job seekers. With the unemployment rate near five.

Starting Sunday, unemployed Oklahomans won’t be able to file for unemployment compensation beyond 60 weeks. Since Jan. 8, long-term unemployed Oklahomans could collect up to 13 weeks of additional federal emergency.

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More than 20% of Americans laid off the past five years are still unemployed and one in four who found work is in a temporary job, according to a survey out Monday. The report underscores that despite a sharp drop in long-term.

Their data show that Americans who have been out of work for more than a year are more likely to be obese than the short-term unemployed. “With record-setting rates of long-term unemployment in most U.S. states, the health.

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Just 11% of the long-term unemployed get a steady, full-time job in a year, according to a study released Thursday. The study, by former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Alan Krueger as well as fellow Princeton professors.

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The longer you’ve been out of work, the harder it is to find a job. More evidence of the stigma against the long-term unemployed was found by e conomist Rand Ghayad, who conducted an experiment where he sent out 4,800 fictitious.

website. Despite the successes, a recent report from the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Labor looking at long-term unemployment indicates many more are still looking for work, long after they’ve exhausted.

There had been a fair amount of buzz around the idea that the budget mini-deal being hashed out between Paul Ryan and Patty Murray might include some extra money to extend unemployment insurance benefits for the long-term.

The nation’s long-term unemployed represent one of the lingering effects of the Great Recession, and they typically face steep barriers to finding another job. Numbers of these workers – those who have been jobless for 27 weeks or more –.

The economy has seen an "unprecedented" number of long-term unemployed under the Obama administration, according to a liberal think tank, and economists say plans pursued by Democrats in Washington are unlikely to curb.

With the new extension, some workers will be able to collect nearly two years’ worth of unemployment checks. [See the 10 best places for tech jobs.] The nation faces an unprecedented number of long-term unemployed—5 million.

Almost four million Americans officially suffer from long-term unemployment. Unable to secure any meaningful legislation to help them, President Obama is reduced to begging corporations to pledge not to discriminate against.