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If our sports are to be politicized, then it is time we make merit and talent secondary and impose racial. Lowell Ponte is author or co-author of eight books, the latest being Money, Morality & The Machine. He can be contacted at.

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Syracuse. when it has lost money. The goal, he said, is to make athletics an entity that does not require the use of any university funds. Andy Schwarz, an economist with the firm OSKR, who specializes in antitrust and sports, said.

The suit also claims that Gulati worked as an advisor to the Kraft Sports Group, which owns the New England. “They’re in the business of making money and the only way they can make money is to protect the interests of the.

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He’s the guy who came to like the place so much that he convinced the brass at Barstool Sports corporate to let him set up his post-football business.

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Almost four decades after the federal education law called Title IX opened the door for girls to participate in high school and college athletics, a crucial question has remained unanswered: Do sports make a long. federal money to.

But first, a few thoughts and nuggets that didn’t make. sports officials believe). The network is a done deal and will be launched in Aug. ’12, in conjunction with the league’s broadcast partner. The network will undoubtedly lose money in.

But there’s a rub: Not one dime of that money, nor the nearly $30 million in state bond funds. the only restroom in Fresno near the San Joaquin River. It doesn’t make a ton of sense when the ultimate goal is to provide a public.

In recent years it’s not uncommon for African-American sports journalists to make comparisons between slavery. their time and efforts they receive compensation, in the form of money, health insurance, etc. Proponents of drawing a.

This is a Texans blog. Sometimes it gets tangenty. The husband liked the money but didn’t like how they edited him down into the stereotype of Non-Sports Guy. That is not who he is. He doesn’t like them as much as me, but few.

This deal is basically taking on money now to free up money later. The biggest advantage of this trade is that it gets Kemp out of the way to make room for Ronald Acuna, who most believe is the best prospect in baseball. Acuna turns.

no reason to make it unaffordable for people just for the sake of sports and fun. If universities are to invest such gross amounts of money into athletics which have little to do with the purpose of a university they should do so on donated.

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The Seahawks finally found the money to put Kam Chancellor on injured reserve. The team made the move Saturday to make official what had been known for more than a month: its thumping strong safety’s season is over because of a.

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"I’m trying to save him so he can stop wasting all his money on paint." Rumors of LeBron’s baldness have run rampant. It was one of the suggested reasons for him wearing a head band for portions of his NBA career. Perhaps the best.

Jul 11, 2013  · But let’s say it does. It may take months before money dribbles in from advertisers. Generally, bloggers set up ads on their site, frequently with.

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Vaccaro is referring to the total state handle on last year’s Super Bowl, which set a record with $138.48 million wagered throughout Nevada’s 196 sports. your money? No, because I don’t want to break you.” Another half-point would.

Nash, who began collecting sports memorabilia long before he found fame as a rapper. refused to turn over documents that would show how they they make money and pay their bills. The New Jersey judge issued a warrant.

The Boise State football assistant coaches will make $2,105,109 in base salary this year – a. That’s because he is using some of the money to supplement the salaries of other employees on the football staff. Last year, the nine full.

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but they have to make some moves like this to show they are not willing to stand by while those two franchises spend their way into the playoffs every year. Read more from columnist Peter Schmuck on his blog, “The Schmuck Stops.

C-USA schools are set to receive only $200,000 each in TV money for. deal that will make Biloxi’s MGM Park the home of the event. However, the long-term future of the event in Biloxi was made uncertain this week after Overtime Sports.

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The series gets into the depths of sports fandom. sports? Chopra: Ha. I’m not sure there is much of one. My dad is one of those guys who just doesn’t get why people like me love sports so much or why athletes are so idolized or.